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Roland is the founder and photographer of Rollin Photography.

“I have always found joy in working with cars, I started out physically working on cars in an Alfa Romeo workshop. I eventually felt that this wasn’t the correct career choice for me. I still however wanted to work with cars as that was still my main passion.
This is when I decided to take a different approach and used photography as my next career path which would still allow me to work with cars.”

Roland’s work experience after completing his photographic studies is as follows.

Roland has extensive knowledge of Photoshop and also has experience teaching Photoshop to students.
He has also taught students Automotive and Product Photography in the past.

Roland has been a go-to photographer for institutes such as the University of Johannesburg’s Jewellery Department.

He likes to specialize in Automotive Photography but also enjoys producing Product & Fashion Photography.

Roland is entirely devoted to making each shoot a success.

“I strongly believe in doing what you enjoy for a living, you need to enjoy what you do, life is too short not to.”

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

-Roland Woon

Photo by Sivuyile Matsiliza