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Shoot Experience

Some of our clients didn’t know that we offer simpler, less sophisticated shoots. Sometimes something simple and quick is all that’s needed but because most are used to seeing our high-end art-like looking car shots, they simply aren’t aware that we can do something less expensive in a shorter time frame. Their response is usually something like “oh, we didn’t know”

A new client approached us via instagram, they didn’t need anything fancy, they only needed good, simple photos that they could use to sell their car.

Of course we were happy to help! We often like the simple shoots too.

For this shoot, we used a simple client-convenient location that had good lighting. The main aim of this shoot wasn’t to make the car look super arty and glamorous but rather to show off its details in crisp photos and to present the car in it’s best form using good composition and complimentary angles.

We mainly focused on getting detail shots while including a few main exterior shots.

It’s always important to understand how the photos will be used by a client, this allows us to produce better photos for their use; in this case we understood that detail shots would be perfect for displaying the kind of condition and cleanliness the car was in… If a potential buyer can clearly see this in the photos, they will also have a clearer understanding of how good the car is, this then obviously helps sell the car quicker.

For all of the exterior shots, we used whatever light that was available, for the interior a Nissin off-camera flash is used, this is only because the interior doesn’t receive enough light, this gives better light anyway

The final photos were delivered early to a happy client, this is always the best part.

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