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Shoot Experience

This shoot to date has been one of our most challenging shoots; mainly because of time constraints. We were commissioned by our client to shoot some of their fleet as well as their staff. being a logistics company, vehicles often weren’t available long enough for the time we needed them for, this also meant that we would have to split this project into 2 shoots. The size of the vehicles also added to the challenge.

For our first shoot, we had to get some rolling shots done however, there weren’t a lot roads which were quiet enough and had a nice enough background for the shots we had envisioned. One of my favourite methods of finding nice roads for rolling shots is to look at Google Maps on satellite view, luckily this trick worked once again, a drive to our chosen road ahead of the shoot confirmed that it would be an ideal location.

We managed to get the rolling shots done in less time than we had estimated, having a good location definitely helped this.

For the second shoot, we planned to shoot employee portraits, we wanted to photograph them in action, this is often a good option for service based businesses.

When we arrived at Bidship’s warehouse, my assistant and I walked the grounds searching for the best areas to shoot in; we looked for good lighting opportunities to see how we could best utilise what was available to us. We decided to shoot inside the warehouse, this had a good amount of natural light flowing in but also wasn’t too bright.

Once we had a clear direction for the shoot, we set up our lighting and coordinated the employees and vehicles where we felt they would work best.

Once we were satisfied with our shots in the warehouse, we hit the road once again to get some extra rolling shots with BidShip’s newest vehicle.

I again used Google’s satellite view to find a good road near the warehouse. This time we found a road that went through some farmland about 10 minutes from the warehouse.

My assistant managed get some footage behind the scenes from the cab of the truck during the rolling shots. He also managed to get some amazing shots of the driver during the rolling shots, these turned out to be some of the best photos from the day.

Bidship was founded in 2015. It started as an auction marketplace where transporters with excess loads or space available on their trucks could offer shipping to additional customers. Bidship now offers a variety of shipping services involving local, national and cross border road freight.

I visited Bidship a year later and was pleased to hear how much they had grown, at the time of the shoot, they had a total of 3 or 4 vehicles in their fleet, they now have a new, larger warehouse and 12 vehicles in their fleet which is amazing within a years time. If you would like more information or would like to get in contact with BidShip, you can visit their website at the following link. BidShip 

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