Lamborghini’s Roofless Track Car Revealed in Renderings

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An Aventador J for the track?

Lamborghini recently teased a track car with no roof which quickly spread through social media. Many believe this is a roofless version of the Essenza SCV12.

FutureCarsNow on Instagram have produced a rendering previewing what the finalized car may look like.

It is likely that this new roofless car from Sant’Agata Bolognese is based on an aging supercar given that the Essenza SCV12 is closely related to the Aventador.

The images teased from Lamborghini seem to show that there is no hidden roof folded behind the seats, the rendering shows that there are no door-windows or windshield, much like the Aventador J.

Regarding the Essenza, it cannot be driven legally on public roads, we expect that this will be the same for the new roofless Lamborghini. Based on the SCV12, we can assume that this crazy new creation will also have a V12 powering it, though it’s not known if the V12 will produce more power than before.  

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