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While Automotive photography is one of the most challenging genres of photography due to reflections and the general size of the subjects, it is Roland’s Forte “I enjoy working with cars not only because I enjoy the challenge but cars have so many different shapes, creases and curves to work with, I like seeing the light fall and form over these different shapes”


Commercial photography plays a big part in everyday modern-life, we see it everyday. This is why it is so vitally important that advertisers and brands get the right look and feel to their photos, their brand’s success depends on it. Roland is committed to working closely with clients to help them achieve exactly what they require. Roland has gained extensive experience with commercial photography, especially with reflective products like Jewellery, this experience mainly comes from photographing cars which have a high-gloss finish. “Some reflective products can be really challenging to photograph because they tend to reflect everything around them, including me, my camera & my lights” 

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