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McLaren 675LT coupé

Shoot Experience Shooting the 675LT was quite an event. Now I know a lot of people don’t quite understand the appeal of the 675LT and I suppose this is because it’s quite similar to some of McLaren’s lesser models but that's mostly just on the surface. Other than the fact that the McLaren 675LT is a limited production car; limited to 500 world-wide, you can tell this isn’t like the other McLarens. When we moved the car to the shoot location, the first thing I noticed was how much more raw the 675LT felt, instantly upon starting the engine you are greeted with the awakening of Mclaren’s flat-plane V8 and its typical McLaren sound but this time you have a better sense of its power, you can feel the engine vibrating through the floor and through your seat, it surrounds you. The seats are firm and supportive, they hug you quite well. The suspension is also firm; you can definitely tell that McLaren had intended for the 675LT to perform its best on track. Getting out of the 675LT is a little awkward but this is normally the case with cars this low to the ground. There were no complications or any major difficulties whilst shooting the car, except one; I normally like to open engine compartments for any engine bay shots even though a lot of the cars I shoot have glass covers, making the engine visible from the outside. This usually isn’t ideal as the glass can cause some issues with sharpness and clarity of the shot, however in this case, we were unable to open the engine cover of the ’LT as there is no button or lever on the inside, instead a tool is required which we couldn’t find in the car at the time. This meant I had to shoot through the glass in order to get my shot, it’s not perfect but the final result isn’t bad. Overall I’m quite pleased with the results; there was quite a lot of detail that we managed to capture. Photos and article by Roland Woon

2020 Aston Martin DBX

Shoot Experience Shooting the Aston Martin DBX was a challenge, mostly because of its colour being black and partly because of its size, don’t get me wrong, the DBX isn’t huge but it is still a big car or medium sized SUV. That being said, the interior is a really nice place to be; Aston Martin have done a great job with the interior and somehow they have made it so it doesn’t feel big inside, its feels just right. That paired up with high quality leather (I always love the leather smell you get from an Aston’s interior) and the updated contrast-stitching , It’s easily one of the nicest interiors available currently. On the exterior even the paint is quite special, it might be black but it’s no ordinary black, under good light it’s possible to see a variety of different colour flakes in the metallic paint. The iconic wings badge has also been updated. There are various details around the DBX which photographed quite well such as various textures and patterns; the exhaust tail pipe surrounds are a good example of this. These are usually details which are not normally noticeable in photos. All in all this was quite a successful shoot, the photos turned out quite well. Photos and article by Roland Woon

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