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Shoot Experience

Mitsubishi South Africa reached out to us because they wanted to shoot a new set of image assets for their Triton Extreme model. They already had some photos shot of the Triton however they were looking for something that would take their marketing to the next level, most of their existing media for their vehicles looked somewhat generic which meant that their photos looked very similar to other brands. They wanted to stand out more.

They also had some image assets from Mitsubishi in Japan but these images don’t always show some of the extra features that the South African Variants have.

Our client commissioned us to shoot 3 different scenes and for the Triton Xtreme, this was to show the different environments where the Triton would be suitable.

Whenever we are commissioned for a shoot, we try our best to be quick and efficient with our shoots as well as our communications with our clients, this helps us get through a lot of details in a short space of time, this also helps to construct an accurate brief in order to reach our clients specific goals. We also believe that this makes the whole process easier for our clients.

We started off with shooting natural light shots in an urban environment, followed by a forest scene also shot in natural light.

This already shows how adaptable the Triton is in both Urban and more “natural” environments.

The next set of photos that we set out to create was the rolling shots, after so many years of shooting cars, rolling shots are still some of my favourite photos to create, naturally because of this, we have the method practiced very well!

The above photo was chosen as a Hero shot.

Unfortunately the rolling shots weren’t without their challenges, we had decided to shoot on a road which we had used with a lot of success in the past as this road was generally very quiet with good scenery, however upon our return, we had found that a lot of new developments in the area had been constructed which made this road a lot busier than our last time. Nonetheless we managed to get some really good shots from this location.

Finally we set out to shoot the most challenging type of shoot of the 3 scenarios, the final shoot would be shot in a warehouse. This shoot was the most challenging out of the 3 as we had decided to shoot with flash lighting. Luckily this happens to also be one of my favourite types of shoots to shoot.

Shooting with controlled lighting gives us the chance to shape the light around the car to best show off its body lines and shapes, it’s also really good at showing the different types of textures on a car. These photos also happen to look really sharp and detailed, something that isn’t often achieved with natural light.

This type of lighting is also really good for interior shots

With every shoot, we always aim to create photos that are not only attractive but they also need to help our clients achieve high conversion rates and to generate more leads.

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