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2020 Aston Martin DBX

Shoot Experience Shooting the Aston Martin DBX was a challenge, mostly because of its colour being black and partly because of its size, don’t get me wrong, the DBX isn’t huge but it is still a big car or medium sized SUV. That being said, the interior is a really nice place to be; Aston Martin have done a great job with the interior and somehow they have made it so it doesn’t feel big inside, its feels just right. That paired up with high quality leather (I always love the leather smell you get from an Aston’s interior) and the updated contrast-stitching , It’s easily one of the nicest interiors available currently. On the exterior even the paint is quite special, it might be black but it’s no ordinary black, under good light it’s possible to see a variety of different colour flakes in the metallic paint. The iconic wings badge has also been updated. There are various details around the DBX which photographed quite well such as various textures and patterns; the exhaust tail pipe surrounds are a good example of this. These are usually details which are not normally noticeable in photos. All in all this was quite a successful shoot, the photos turned out quite well. Photos and article by Roland Woon

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